2 = interest, rate, interest charge.
Ex. Repayments is normally by equal half-yearly payments of capital and interest after a moratorium on capital repayments of up to five years, depending on project completion date.
Ex. The EIB is able to borrow money at the best possible rates, and as it is non-profit making it is able to offer loans at advantageous terms.
Ex. And, most importantly, even if a company makes a loss, it still has to pay its interest charges.
* interés bancario = interest rate.
* interés compuesto = compound interest.
* intereses del capital = capital charges.
* interés fijo = fixed interest.
* interés simple = simple interest.
* pago de los intereses = interest payment.
* recorte de los tipos de interés = rate cut, interest-rate cut.
* reducción de los tipos de interés = rate cut, interest-rate cut.
* subida de los tipos de interés = rate increase, interest-rate increase.
* tipo de interés base = base rate, prime rate.
* tipo de interés preferente = base rate, prime rate.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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